BREAKING – GOODBYE – Trump Enemy Says She’s Done…

“D-List” comedian Kathy Griffin cemented herself as a preeminent member of President Donald Trump’s haters when she posed for a picture in 2017 in which she held aloft a bloody replica severed head that resembled the president.

Unsurprisingly, that publicity stunt for the attention-starved comedian resulted in significant backlash and widespread criticism, given how it was viewed as a threat toward Trump and was remarkably similar to the manner in which the terrorist Islamic State group beheaded their enemies.

Griffin’s career was all but ruined by her ill-advised and unfunny photoshoot, but in a recent interview, the struggling actress insisted she had done nothing wrong at all and blamed the president and his administration for her current inability to find any work.

“The President and the Department of Justice shouldn’t make you unemployable and uninsurable,” she said.

Griffin is now attempting to sell her life story from the past couple of years but is having trouble finding any buyers willing to pay for the rights to what she claimed was “an important, historic story.”

Kathy Griffin has nobody to blame for her current unemployability except herself, as she was the one who decided it would be a good idea to pose ISIS-style with the president’s severed head.

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