Goodbye, Kamala Harris – Terrible Campaign News…

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is in trouble. She just recieved terrible news about her presidential campaign, and all signs are pointing to saying ‘goodbye’ to her ambitions.

Many are now saying that Harris’ attacks on the presumed frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden, are going to come back and haunt her. “It’s going to bite her in the *ss,” said one unnamed Biden supporter.

“Very early on there was buzz … Biden-Kamala is the dream ticket, the best of both worlds. That sh** ain’t happening,” the supporter continued.

Another Biden supporter named Lee White said that Harris “played low ball, which was out of character.” White noted that “much too intelligent” to be going after Biden so mercilessly on the subject of race.

Of course, this Democrat-on-Democrat war is amusing more than anything. Maybe they’ll both damage each other so many that neither of them will be percieved as viable candidates.

President Trump will win re-election hanidly no matter what happens. However, Harris is now in the path of Biden’s well-oiled political machine, and she will not come out unscathed. She’s done.

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