BREAKING: Giuliani Removal Announcement – It’s Time…

A stunning ‘removal announcement’ just dropped and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is in the news again. It is time for people to brace themselves — there is a major fight brewing now. This is shocking.

“This should have been stopped five days ago,” said Giuliani referring to the violent riots in New York City. He then shifted his focus to Mayor Bill de Blasio himself. “The mayor should step down,” said Guiliani. “He is incompetent.”

“We are losing a tremendous amount of property, we are seeing people damaged … and pretty soon we’re going to lose some lives if this man doesn’t get out of the way and let someone activate the police department,” he continued.

In several U.S. cities controlled by Democrat mayors, rioting, looting, and violence have been allowed to go nearly unchecked for about a week now. Conservative journalist Buck Sexton made an astute observation about this recently.

“These are Democrats who are ruining cities across the country,” Sexton tweeted. “Yes, I mean the politicians in charge- but also the rioters. Any of them who votes, will be voting for Joe Biden.”

He also said “we shouldn’t let it go,” and, at this point, it is likely the citizens of New York City aren’t going to tolerate de Blasio’s soft approach to the rioting. The city is being upended by looters and arsonists.

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