Rudy Giuliani just flipped. The new evidence is devastating — and he has come forward to expose it. As President Trump’s personal lawyer, he is taking a no-prisoners approach.

According to Giuliani, he once considered former national security advisor John Bolton “a personal friend,” but now, as a result of the supposed ‘leak’ from Bolton’s book, he is “a backstabber.”

“He never said to me, ‘I’ve got a problem with what you are doing in Ukraine,'” explained Giuliani. “So, here’s the only conclusion I can come to, and it’s a harsh one, and I feel very bad about it: He’s a backstabber.”

Giuliani went on to use the example of a friend “complaining about you behind your back” but never having “the guts to come up to your face and tell you” — that is Bolton to him now.

As a recap, according to a manuscript leaked to the New York Times, Bolton’s upcoming book claims that Trump intentionally withheld aid to Ukraine in order to pressure the nation to investigate the Bidens.

Giuliani also disputed this claim, saying that he “can’t imagine” Trump would say such a thing to Bolton. Thankfully, the Senate is about to acquit the president and this will all be over.

See the full story here.

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