BREAKING: Georgia Poll Workers ADMIT Truth – Democrats Furious

Poll observers in Georgia testified that they were told to go home for the night as counting was being stopped and would resume in the morning. Four workers remained after all observers left and began counting ballots in secret throughout the night.

Mitchell Harrison and Michelle Branton said in affidavits that they were told to go home as they were mislead into believing that counting was done for the night at an absentee ballot counting room.

Reportedly, a woman told everyone, including the workers and the observers, to go home as they were done for the night and would resume in the morning at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Observers, along with a Fox News crew, then rushed back to the site and found the four individuals seen in the video of the incident counting ballots in secret.

Democrats insisted that poll observers had not been told that counting had stopped for the night, and no one told them to go home. This flies in the face of the first-hand witnesses who testified under penalty of perjury that they had been told to return the next morning.

What we know is that thousands of ballots were counted without any partisan observation. Someone wanted the observers gone, and they succeeded. This is the most damning proof of election fraud yet, and Democrats are ignoring it.

Read the full story here.

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