BREAKING: Georgia Election REVERSAL – Republicans Stunned…

In Georgia, a judge threw out a lawsuit on Thursday brought by Republicans that sought to close absentee ballot drop boxes after business hours.

The case was brought by Republicans leading up to the January 5th Georgia Senate runoff elections. This ruling is a blow to Republican efforts to ensure maximum security in an election that will determine control of the Senate.

Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams ruled that drop boxes can be used 24 hours a day under video surveillance until polls close on election day.

Leah Zammit, an attorney for the state Republican Party, said, “The eyes of the nation are on Georgia, closely watching this process. This case is absolutely not about the expansion or dilution of voter rights. … This case and this motion is about ensuring that individual counties, 159 within the state of Georgia, do not themselves alter the election rules.”

Should Democrats win both Senate seats in Georgia, the Senate will be split 50-50. With Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote, Democrats will essentially control both chambers of Congress.

The runoffs in Georgia are of incredible importance, and Republicans must continue to fight for election security to ensure the people’s will is accurately tallied.

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