BREAKING: Georgia Election Evidence UNCOVERED – Was Really a Hoax

Hollywood star Debra Messing accused Senator David Perdue (R-GA) of flashing a “white power” sign during a rally in October. However, this accusation was entirely baseless and was a malicious misinterpretation of a simple gesture to stir up controversy days before a crucial election.

Messing claims that a picture of Perdue posing with two interns and holding up three fingers was a white power sign, when in fact, it signified the three thousand voter contacts that Perdue’s interns had made.

In a tweet, which she quickly deleted, Messing said, “Flashing the #WhitePower sign on the campaign trail in #Georgia. Is this what you want #Georgia? You voted AGAINST white supremacy in Nov & we need you to do it ONE MORE TIME to fire this guy and #KKKKelly.”

This is not the first time that Messing has had to retract tweets after making outrageous claims. Liberal celebrities and activists have practically made a living lying about their political opponents.

With the runoff elections in Georgia happening in two days, Republicans should only expect more defamatory attacks as Democrats do everything to take Georgia.

The runoff election in Georgia will determine control of the Senate. Should Republicans lose both seats, the Senate will split 50-50 with incoming Vice President Kamala Harris acting as a tiebreaking vote.

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