BREAKING: Georgia Election CONSPIRACY Exposed – The Truth Is Out…

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) believes a conspiracy is being pushed to keep Republicans from voting in the Georgia runoff elections on January 5th.

At a campaign event on Saturday, Cruz suggested that those who tell voters not to vote in the runoffs as a protest of the general election have a “different agenda in mind.”

Cruz also clarified that he is as angry as any conservative about what happened in the general election. Cruz said, “Look, I’m angry about the abuse of power that we’ve seen. Voter fraud is a real problem. It’s a persistent problem. It’s a problem in Georgia and across the country, but the answer isn’t to stay home and hand control of the government over to the radical left and over to the extreme socialists.”

Getting Republican voters out to vote in the runoff elections is of special concern to the entire Republican party. The Georgia runoff election will determine control of the Senate.

Cruz said that those “pushing the theory that conservatives should stay home on Tuesday — they’ve got a different agenda in mind. They want the hard left to take over this country.”

If Republican voters stay home as some sort of protest over the general election, it will hand Democrats control of the Senate. Democrats already hold the House, and President-elect Joe Biden is slated to be sworn into office in a matter of weeks.

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