BREAKING: Georgia Election Bombshell – Insider Speaks Out

Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer promised that the Republicans in the state are “trusting no one,” and going into the Senate races in January, the party will be watching every part of the election.

Shafer spoke at a rally with Vice President Mike Pence and encouraged Republicans to vote for Republican Senators Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

During the rally, Shafer said, “The fight for election integrity and the fight for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler go hand in hand.”

The Georgia races will determine who controls the Senate and, as such, has attracted even more attention than even the presidential election between President Trump and Joe Biden.

Shafer continued saying, “I want to promise you that we are trusting no one and taking nothing for granted. We have recruited 4,000 poll watchers for the upcoming runoff elections. We filed suit against our own secretary of state. We’re gonna make sure we have eyes on every part of the process.”

Georgia saw a significant amount of irregularities in the presidential election, and Republicans are preparing for Democrats to do whatever it takes to win the Senate majority.

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