BREAKING: Georgia Election Bombshell – Democrat ‘Compromised’ By Chinese…

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) said ahead of the Georgia Senate runoff on Tuesday that his opponent, Jon Ossoff, has been groomed by the Chinese Communist Party through a job with a Chinese company that started in 2017 after his previous failed Senate run.

“The CCP has identified for some time young ambitious liberal politicians,” Perdue said on Breitbart News. “You see it now coming out in Eric Swalwell. You see it in Hunter Biden. Now, you have Jon Ossoff.”

Perdue said that Ossoff was worse than Swalwell or Hunter Biden because he hid his Chinese involvement from primary voters, committed a crime in not disclosing it, and lied about it after getting caught.

“This is an ongoing thing,” he said of Ossoff’s Chinese work and lies about it. “I’m not sure he can even get an intelligence clearance now as a U.S. Senator if he were elected.”

“He is compromised. This is a scandal that is just beginning to now come out,” Perdue concluded, adding that involvement with would-be and current U.S. politicians like Ossoff and Swalwell is part of CCP’s long-term “nefarious agenda.”

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