BREAKING: Georgia Drops Bombshell On Joe Biden – He’s Wasn’t Ready For This

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was mystified by the behavior of President Joe Biden, given his comments that the new Georgia voting law was restricting minority voters.

Biden even compared the new law to Jim Crow laws that aimed to prevent Blacks from voting in the 1950s.

Raffensperger said on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” “[I]t’s interesting that he came to Georgia after he helped convince Major League Baseball to move out of Georgia, to move to Denver, which cost us $100 million. If Georgia’s so bad, then what’s he doing here?”

Biden came to Georgia the day after his speech to Congress to tout his administration’s accomplishments.

Raffensperger has a very good point: comments by Biden and other Democrats drove MLB out of Georgia for the All-Star game, so why is Biden showing up there? Like so many things Biden does, it doesn’t make any sense.

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12 Responses

  1. That is because he is a dementia riddled old man who should be in the Nursing Home not the White House! My gosh, can you imagine the outrage from the msm if President Trump, shortly after taking the White House had said to a reporter “Every morning when I wake up, I have to ask Jill “where the hell am I?””? They would have spent 3 months saying that he should be removed from office by the 25th Amendment! But good ole Joe says that, and it’s crickets!

    1. No, actually he is a mad dog communist bastard and cares for nothing other than keeping power and destroying America. This sick evil communist bastard must be impeached along with Kamel Hairy. They are both illegitimate and are sitting in the white house because of the stolen election, with many republicans and the courts helping them. In the past this would have been unacceptable to freedom loving people. Where’s the patriots?

  2. I think that Biden and his administration are trying to push everything through so fast is because they know that they got into the White House illegally. They are waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. They are trying to ruin this country as fast as they can and then blame it all on Trump.

  3. Biden is a totally incompetent jacka** who did NOT win a legal election. He is a total stooge of Obama and the Deep State illegal operation in DC. We probably need a coup to save our country and throw Dems in jail for operating illegally outside US law. Cut the head off and the rest will die.

  4. The DAMNED Supreme Court completely FAILED the People when they refused to hear the FRAUD in the 2020 Election!!! The Court NEEDS to put their ADULT ROBES on and rethink this whole election thing. Most Americans that voted are convinced that the election was rigged from the beginning so WHY is the COURT watching from the sidelines. It is a disgrace for them to REFUSE to do their JOBS and rectify this DISASTER of and election. TRUMP should have been elected but about 15% of the cheating Democrats and elites cooked up this treasonous scam and instituted this scam on the 2020 election. Totally corrupt and should NOT be allowed to stand because IF it does it spells and end to the USA. This unjust election needs to be overturned and Biden and his administration REMOVED ASAP so the country can recover before it is too late. ALL the Big Tech, Media, DNC. Biden, Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Democrat congressman and Senators ALL need to be sent to GITMO if they had anything to do with the fraud put on the USA!! This needs to happen as the Supreme Court has to stand and rectify this Fraud.

    1. I agree, but it’s doesn’t look like much is going to happen. I am ashamed of the Republican party which I have been part of all my life. They have sickened me. Where are all the freedom loving patriots?

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  6. I think all people who didn’t vote for (this sick minded) old man should avoid any event of his, and his lying fake Vice President that laughs to try to cover up her lies and avoids answering questions, should be banned. I do not watch any information about him and and his vise lying fake president either. Also I don’t give the Palosi rat the time of day. The 3 of them should share a prison cell for intentionally cheating with the crooked voting machines. The team of rats that Palosi leads should be in jail with them also. Rats stick together as is plainly seen. As you can see, they are trying to break the back of our good citizens, and selling us down the river to China. I would love to sigh a petition to get them out of the office they did not win!

    1. Go online and look up Impeach Biden and sign it. I just signed it a little while ago.

  7. I’m not convinced the Georgia voter laws were the “reason” MLB move the All Star Game to Denver. I think the voter laws were just a convenient “excuse” for a decision that MLB Management already made.

    1. I stopped watching sports years ago. This is the sure way to show where you stand about these un-American hypocrite activities. Bright minded people don’t need sports.

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