BREAKING: Georgia Democrat Candidate BUSTED – Election Explodes

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) said Saturday on Fox&Friends that his January 5 runoff opponent Jon Ossoff’s ties to China are a “ripening scandal.”

Perdue chastened Ossoff for hiding his work with a Chinese state-owned company during the primary campaign and then lying about it after he was exposed.

“He hid his involvement with the Communist Chinese Party during his primary. He got caught. He lied about it. He then filed another report with the federal authorities that did disclose that he did take money from the Chinese Communist Party, and then lied about it again in a debate,” Perdue explained.

Perdue thinks China targeted Ossoff for involvement as part of a plan to gain influence in the U.S. government over time.

“The Chinese Communist Party is notorious for identifying young, ambitious liberal politicians here in the last few [years], and that’s what we have going on with Jon Ossoff,” he concluded.

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