BREAKING: George W. Bush Makes Shocking Election Announcement – Texans Stunned

Former President George W. Bush showed Americans why he is a disgrace as he has made the rounds in the media pushing for amnesty and, most recently, advocating for actor Matthew McConaughey to run for Governor in Texas.

When asked about the prospect of McConaughey running, Bush said, “I don’t know, he seems to be a charming guy. I met him one time, I’ll tell you one thing: He’s charismatic. Now whether or not he can put up with all the noise, all the rubber chicken circus, you know all the stuff that goes on. The criticism can be pretty harsh, Hugh, and the question would be, does he have a set of principles firm enough to not worry about what the critics say?”

Bush is actively working against Republicans as Bush is invested in amnesty and open borders. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott (R) is a significant obstacle to the neo-con dreams of high immigration and open borders.

McConaughey is also pro-gun control and would work to strip Texans of their 2nd Amendment rights. Bush even entertaining the idea of a far-left Hollywood star running the state of Texas speaks to his priorities.

Bush was responsible for the economic situation that led to the 2008 economic crash, and he also failed to end wars in the Middle East quickly. Bush was a failure of a President and would do well to stay out of public life.

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15 Responses

    1. Would you rather have had al gore in office than Bush? Those were our options back then… Watch who you call stupid.

  1. Bush should go away and take all the liberals with him to China or North Korea. He should just keep out of the public. But, on the other hand, he has the freedom of speech, right now. Also, no one has to listen to him.

  2. When I was much younger I though that Bush was a good person. Now that I have another several decades under my belt, I can see where he hoodwinked a bunch of us Americans. He must be in the beginning stages of dementia.

  3. Matthew McConaughey is totally the wrong choice. Matthew McConaughey is entirely to liberal to be in a political office. This guy wants to reduce our gun rights, and God only knows what other non sense he wants. Bush alone is another corrupt RINO who has now sided with the corrupt Dems.

  4. I am very disappointed in the Jewish & Christians across America that voted the Dems in office. Unfortunately in New Orleans, the reason the Dems won that is primarily based on the ethnicity in that location. They have been brain washed, and in my opinion do not have any common sense.

  5. What a UnAmerican slime ball Bush is!! Does he really believe Texans are so stupid to vote for a pro gun control governor. To be honest it takes more than congress and a few governors to strip away the Bill of Rights, try 2/3rds of congress and states.

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