BREAKING: George Soros RAPE Announcement – Nation In Shock

A sickening George Soros ‘rape’ announcement was just made. Millions of people across the nation are shocked — everyone needs to know about it.

“If you’re wondering why so many people are being robbed, raped and killed in American cities right now, George Soros is part of the reason for that,” said Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on his popular show this week.

“Soros has funded the campaign of left-wing extremists in District Attorney races all over the country, in cities like Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Boston,” Carlson continued, making a profound point.

This is what happens when left-wing politics is placed over criminal justice. Now, there are radical district attorneys in large U.S. cities letting criminals get off easy while law-abiding citizens suffer greatly.

There is a reason why people are fleeing these cities and moving elsewhere — to escape the insanity that puts criminals above public safety. Increasingly, Americans do not feel safe in Philadelphia, New York City, and other major metro areas.

In Los Angeles, for example, Soros had a role in getting George Gascon elected as district attorney. Since that time, Gascon has “stopped enforcing the law” and “is now moving to dismiss all sentencing enhancements against an alleged double murderer.”

Read the full story here.

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