BREAKING: Gen. Milley Gets Bombed – Nation Reeling

Disgraced General Mark Milley has gone on record as calling Biden’s premature evacuation from Afghanistan a “logistical success.”

I guess it would make sense that democrats call something that killed 13 American servicemembers a “success.”

Representative Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida, stopped by Fox News on September 29 to set the record straight.

We left large amounts of military equipment in Afghanistan, and over a dozen Americans died. In what world is that considered a success?

Mast said:

“This was an example of failure on every single front, and Milley even put that in his own words, saying it was a ‘strategic failure.’ Yes, that’s obvious to everybody that it was a strategic failure. He said it was a ‘logistical success,’ I don’t know how he says that, considering the fact that we left billions of dollars of American equipment there, had hundreds of thousands at risk, and…lost 13 U.S. servicemembers in the most unnecessary way possible.”

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  5. Yep, that was a 85 Billion Dollar Bust. Thanks Dumbocrats. Loss of life and untold number of Americans Left Behind. Oh, and don’t forget the Air Base we just walked away from in the night without telling the Afgan Military.

  6. Carter and Obama should thank old Joe because he makes them look great. He’s done a worse job than both of them put together.

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