BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Gets Bad News – Democrats In Shock

Organizers of an effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) say they hit two million signatures on Wednesday, a full 500,000 more than needed to schedule a recall election.

California Patriot Coalition’s RecallGavin2020 Committee wanted to get at least that many signatures in case there were any signatures found invalid during the inspection process.

“We have cleared another milestone,” committee chairman Orrin Heatlie said. “Politics as usual in California are over as we know it to be.”

Co-organizer Mike Netter touted the movement for having “built an Army of volunteers who have defied the [odds]” and said the group “will not rest” until Newsom is recalled “in this historic movement.”

Some are unhappy with Newsom’s draconian lockdowns over the last year, but public opinion really soured when Newsom hypocritically attended a birthday party for a lobbyist in violation of his own lockdown rules against indoor dining and gathering in large groups.

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    1. you can say that again, she is the worst hypocrite I have ever heard of as well as being a liar and evil. the fact that she brags about being catholic and prays for president trump couldn’t be farther from the truth. we need a good,loyal and honest republican in office who will work for the people.

    2. Excellent:
      We should star to be working long time ago,that woma is so repulsive.Liar Hypocrate,she is the worst of the worst..we need to work together to RECALL this parasite …she is so TOXIC..and besides her abilities toperform her job are out..just like Biden another disgusting LIAR..

    3. Every two years they had a chance but still re-elected her, the rich in her area love her, and the homeless and poor were paid and the Asians still haven’t learned that that the democrats don’t like them any more than they like other minorities— the democrats probably dislike Asians more because they are smarter than most Americans look how they are not allowed into some colleges because they are way smarter than many blacks, and most whites. We have term limits — every 2 years the entire house is up for re-election and 1/3 of the senate. People have to vote for those who really represents them, for incumbents look at their voting records, for the others check how they supported issues important to them. I never vote for anyone who I can’t find anything out about them. I do not belong to any party, I am not an independent, I am a non-affiliated conservatives. I vote only those with a good history on issues important to me and my family. I haven’t voted for a democrat in at least 30 years, sometimes I don’t vote the Republican if they don’t support my issues. I vote every election, there are often candidates from other parties, I check them out as well..

  2. Now let’s recall Nancy Demon Pelosi. She is wretched and needs to go. She hates America and thinks we are all stupid and need to be governed by people like her. In case you did not know, Nancy Pelosi is Gavin Newsome’s aunt. Corruption runs through the family!

  3. i think if WE can do this to Radical newsome ….. let’s carry it on to this pres, vice pres,his cabinet, those in congress, even some elephants who act like
    donkeys !!
    That Should Cover It !!

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