BREAKING: Gaetz Resignation Shocker – GOP Reeling

The View’s Meghan McCain is not buying Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)’s story about being extorted by someone in the Justice Department as an explanation for accusations that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and that he traveled with her in a way that the law calls sex trafficking.

She started out saying there have been weird rumors about Gaetz and that he was the only person in Congress to vote against a sex trafficking bill last year.

She likened the situation to other Democrat scandals sexual misconduct scandals, saying, “He should certainly resign in the same way that I think Cuomo should resign. I think Eric Swalwell, who hasn’t denied sleeping with a Chinese spy, should be removed from the intelligence committee. I don’t understand why that’s not more of a scandal for Democrats.”

She also alluded to reports that Gaetz showed photos of women to others on the House floor, calling it “disgusting.”

“The most likely scenario is that Matt Gaetz slept with a 17-year-old and sex trafficked her, and he is probably gonna go to jail,” she concluded.

Read the full story here.

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24 Responses

  1. I don’t have Facebook; don’t use Google (replaced with Yahoo) and don’t use any of the other nonsense that people can’t seem to live without. I don’t need them, I don’t want them. Everyone should stop using those communists and never allow them to control any of them. You must do it if you want to have freedom. How dare they do this to Americans? Get rid of them and recover your freedom. We DO NOT need them.

    1. Well said!!!! I agree!!
      I cancelled all social media except parler. And I watch carefully after all the problems and rumors. But if big tech hates them they must be on the right track.

    2. Yahoo news has a definite slant to the left.
      Try Duck Duck Go for your search engine. It works great and doesnt track or sell your info.

      1. Yup, I’m using it as well, no problems so far, and like the fact that they(Google and all it’s affiliates) can’t track me

    3. They’re going after Gaetz because he’s very outspoken and can go far as a Republican. Dems just can’t stand anyone with balls. Megan McCain should shut up. Where’s the proof on this attack???

  2. Where is the absolute proof without a doubt? Who saw them? What does the girls say and why has no one interviewed her?

    1. Good question Gunilla….. I’ve seen no proof of evidence. Heard nothing from the girls. It appears this is a smear campaign by the Democrats. I don’t believe the Democrats no more than I believe Meghan McCain.

  3. I will stand with Gaetz till they have hard core proof. The demoncrats always pick some one they don’t like to be used by blackmailing. So far the FBI is investigating and the one that started the whole investigation confessed he asked for money but said it was not blackmail. How stupid does this FBI not know the meaning of blackmail? Demoncrats are traders and will rid the Republicans anyway they can . Their words not mine!

  4. Innocent until proven guilty, and even then – IF you are a Democrat!
    Guilty as soon as someone says it if you are a Republican…

  5. So what about Cuomo and Biden, Joe and Hunter. Seriously the guy sleeps with his dead brother’s wife what a sleaze ball

  6. Democrats are filthy horrible evil corrupt people!! There has not been any proof of evidence and, at least for now, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty in USA!!

  7. Biden slept with Jill when she was Married to another man. They were playing “Hide the Vienna” before her divorce. They said it was love a first sight–More like Lust as her and Joe were caught after Joe had an accident driving her car and she was with him. They played Hide the Vienna a LOT before getting caught. Joe’s first wife died in a wreck that was her fault but that didn’t stop Joe from using his Senate seat to ruin the other person. He didn’t let a bad situation get away though as he got all the sympathy he could from it. The ruined person has died but his daughter still begs good ole Joe to clear the mans name and tell the truth about the wreck. Seems Joe got the man seen as being drunk although the Police report says no such thing. What a SORRY Piece of Crap we have in the White House. It will likely turn BROWN before he leaves.

  8. Till there is something done on Hunter Biden and his laptop and the deal with the gun China dealings Eukrain and all the rest not to mention him jumping his brothers wife after he dies of cancer sick bunch don’t talk about anyone

  9. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. He may be guilty, but he deserves his day in court. Just like any of us. Are the Dems going to erase that too, unless it is Swalwell.

  10. There is no proof of this and no girl has said that happen I think they are trying to take the forus off hunter and Cuomo because there is proof the did what they did .they need to stop acusing gaezt of this and reining his life. I do not believe this nonsence and madsence.

  11. Meghan McCain is a nobody riding on the coat-tails of her father (John McCain) whose professionalism in the military and congress are questionable at best, so why do we care about her opinion?

  12. Why are so many ignoring this border problem, what a disaster and the worst is yet to come with this many illegals being transported into the country. Many of these cities don’t have the resources to handle this problem and will be overrun with social and crime problems.
    Biden and his team have no idea how to handle it and I think all of these illegals should be transported to D.C. and Delaware. Let the people that supported this administration suffer the consequences of their decision.

  13. Yahoo news has a definite slant to the left.
    Try Duck Duck Go for your search engine. It works great and doesnt track or sell your info.

  14. I do not believe anything that comes out of DC about any Republican . Mr. Gaetz is not stupid and so when the whole world is looking for a scape goat why would do anything so stupid ? All the world is not stupid to fall for dumb stuff like this in the fake news . You had better to choose another way to lie to all Americans because most of us already have your number !!!

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