BREAKING: Franklin Graham REVERSAL Announcement – Nation Shocked

Rev. Franklin Graham just issued a major reversal. Millions of people across the nation are shocked, but he did it for a reason. This is important.

In a heartfelt video on the National Day of Prayer, Graham prayed that God “would turn this nation’s heart back to you.” He believes this is the only way for the damage to be reversed.

“We are in a downward spiral, morally, spiritually, and the only hope for our country is, Christians pray, and for God to intervene,” said Graham. “I don’t see any other hope, outside of Almighty God is intervening.”

Graham went on to pray for our nation and its elected leaders, including the president. He asked God to “just get a hold of their hearts,” something many Americans are currently praying.

Our nation is being torn apart. While it is important to vote for the right candidates and engage in political activism, there is also a spiritual side that must be addressed.

Without seeking God — something our Founders did regularly — America will only continue to spiral. But our beautiful, freedom-loving country is worth fighting for. There’s nowhere else to go.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. the Bible says If My People will humble them selves and Pray then I will _Jesus will heal their Land but God does not HEED to a Sinners Pray even tho he hears them! but not to be a Sinner first thing is to be Baptize in Jesus Name after Repenting and Receiving the Holy Ghost and it not according to the Word of God-Bible you are still a Sinner and Lost Period not my Words But God go check it out in Acts 2:38 I do not make the Rules or Laws but I can sure tell you what they are and God Says his Word is forever Settled in Heaven too and He changes Not!

  2. Pray to God that this madness from Biden and his cronies stops ASAP. We can’t go on this way and need each other. Pray for peace and love and tranquility. Surely God will hear us.

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