BREAKING: Franklin Graham BLASTS Democrat Preacher – I Can’t Believe It

When Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, also a preacher, ended his recent Congressional prayer with “amen” and “awomen,” the nation was stunned at the level of leftist absurdity.

Rev. Franklin Graham was not amused.

“I suppose he was trying to use this time of prayer to make a political statement about equality or gender issues that are on the table,” said Rev. Graham. “Sadly, this is where we are today. Not a great start for 2021. The word “Amen” simply means “So be it,” and that’s why it is said at the end of prayers. It has nothing to do with gender. Regrettably, even prayer is no longer sacred to some in our halls of Congress. One thing is obvious—we need more of it. Amen!”

Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver from Missouri opened the 117th Congress in prayer yesterday, but he closed his prayer by…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Monday, January 4, 2021

Graham posted his words on a Facebook post that now has over 48 thousand shares.

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