BREAKING: Fox Star Lawrence Jones Shocks Fox Viewers [Alert]

Fox star Lawrence Jones had a bold and shocking take about next year’s election and Democrat strategy.

While discussing how the Democrat Party has reacted to its field of radical candidates, Jones said that the Democrat Party is coming “back to reality.”

Moderate candidates are back on top of the polls as the open socialism threatens to destroy the Democrat Party.

Socialist candidates are not going to beat President Trump, what Democrats really need is the next Barack Obama. The closest candidate to fit that description is Obama’s VP, Joe Biden.

However, according to Jones, Biden is a weak and wounded candidate. The fallout from the Ukraine drama has seriously damaged Biden and he isn’t inspiring any energy.

In spite of his serious weaknesses, Jones believes that Biden will be the pick at the end of the day. “I think it’s going to be Joe Biden at the end of the day, and I think the president is going to filet him.”

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