BREAKING: Fox News Top Host Confirms Rumors – Fans In Shock

Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin dropped a bombshell on Fox News’s “Gutfeld,” saying that a new “big movement” is gathering and could sweep Democrats out of power.

Levin claimed that “There is a movement afoot — I don’t think the media understand that there is a movement afoot,” he said. “It is a big movement. It’s going to be effectuated in 2022. But even more than that, you’re going to start seeing a rise like it did with the Tea Party in the Reagan revolution.”

The energy among conservative voters has been building in preparation for the 2022 midterm elections.

Optimism is high, and the odds are in favor of Republicans hoping to retake the House and Senate. The energy is there to build on the gains that Republicans already made in 2020.

It is no surprise that Levin is sensing a growing movement among conservative voters. Democrats have scaled up their demonization and slandering of American conservatives.

Conservatives know that Democrats have no intentions of uniting America. Worse yet, the job that Democrats have done in just the six months that they have held power demonstrates how important it is to remove them.

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  5. Down with the Democrats Party Now and they Stole the Election from We the People and all of them involved need to go to Fema Camps for Treason and then find out what needs to be done to them and Remember their Login is Nobody is above the Law not even the President and his Goons Period

  6. Just words out of the mouths of the dems. No heart into what they say. They will do whatever is needed (legal or illegal) to win the power.

  7. Which party to choose for yourself a democratic or a republican (conservative)? It’s simple: – democratic is to take away and divide. And the Republican (Trump’s party) is to add and multiply.Choose what is best for you.

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