Fox News Star Stuns Fans – Devastating Notice…

A Fox News star just stunned his fans with a devastating notice. People had no idea this was coming, and it has shocked millions of viewers nationwide. No one can believe what happened.

Carl Cameron, a former Fox News reporter, has teamed up with a left-wing climate alarmist to launch attacks on President Trump. Their online project called Front Page Live is also intended to compete with Drudge Report.

Cameron’s new colleague, Joe Romm, said, “Climate change is the clearest instance where President Trump and the right-wing disinformation machine promote the opposite of science.”

“History will judge it more harshly than anything else,” Romm continued. This hysteria should come as no surprise since he served in the Energy Deparment under then-President Bill Clinton.

Cameron himself has accused of making the climate issue a partisan one and it’s “dangerous,” he said. “Trump is one of the greatest purveyors of it we have seen since the advent of the media.”

It sounds like Cameron was never a dedicated journalist. Clearly, he left a long-time job at Fox News to join a radical in his sketchy enterprise. But neither Trump nor Drudge Report have anything to be concerned about.

Read the full story here.

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