BREAKING: Fox News Star Shares Tragic Update – Fans Stunned

A Fox News superstar just shared a tragic update and fans are completely stunned. Millions of loyal viewers from across the country can’t believe he made this announcement, particularly with less than two weeks until the election.

Referring to the brewing scandal on Hunter Biden’s emails, anchor Bret Baier said that Thursday’s presidential debate moderator, NBC News’ Kristen Welker, won’t ask about it. Instead, it will be President Donald Trump’s job to do so.

“Listen, it requires other news organizations to cover it, and that really hasn’t been picked up outside of a few,” said Baier. “I’m sure that the president is going to bring it up. His people are already saying that he will.”

It is an absolute tragedy that the story hasn’t received more traction. At this point, the mainstream media is doing a disservice to the political process — and, by extension, to all Americans — by nearly ignoring the scandal.

But Trump isn’t going to let the debate pass by without pressing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on the topic. As usual, he will have to do the media’s job since they are largely in the tank for Biden and trying to protect him.

Americans are smarter than these games and the proof will be at the ballot box in November. Polls have continued to tighten, especially in battleground states, and Trump’s numbers are surging. He is poised to pull off a second historic upset.

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