BREAKING: Fox News Star Confirms Health Rumors

Fox News star Tammy Bruce recently delved into what causes Trump Derangement Syndrome, better known as TDS.

Speaking at the Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend, Bruce delved into the extreme reaction that the left has to President Trump.

Leftists are furious at Trump because he represents the rebellion of Americans against their political programming. Bruce said, “They’re thinking about destroying the sensibility in us that did this in the first place. They want people to give up, and I think Nancy Pelosi said everything will be good again and calm again, if you just vote the right way.”

Americans had the audacity to be upset with the permanent political class that was doing nothing for them. Americans chose Trump because he was going to serve them, not steal from them.

TDS is a radical overreaction that was driven to bully Americans back into line. The violence of political groups like Antifa and the rhetoric of the entire left isn’t about Trump, its about his supporters.

Bruce pointed out that Trump has been around for decades, it wasn’t until he became the face of a rebellion that he became hated. That rebellion is the true target of the left’s hatred, and it won’t stop once Trump is gone.

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