BREAKING: Fox News Star Breaks Silence – Rumors Were Swirling

Former Fox News star Courtney Friel broke her silence about former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes.

In her new book, Friel offered detailed accounts of the inappropriate behavior of Ailes. Friel joked that Ailes suffered from DOMS or Dirty Old Man Syndrome.

Ailes frequently made inappropriate requests of Friel and other staff members and anchors at Fox. Friel said, “I too dealt with sexual harassment from the head of Fox News, though not to the extent some of my other colleagues did.”

Her book being released alongside Bombshell, a film detailing Ailes harassment of other women working at Fox News.

The behavior of Ailes was certainly disturbing. But it is also good to see that his behavior was exposed to the public. Too long there has been a culture of bad behavior among the rich and powerful.

As for Friel, it seems she is doing well for herself. She has written her memoirs and is now working at a TV station in Los Angeles.

Read the full story here.

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