BREAKING: Fox News Reveals Mandate HOAX – It’s Not Real…

Fox News Medical Contributor and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professor, Dr. Marty Makary said Kagan’s argument for mandates is “medically inaccurate.”

“Makary stated that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s argument that a vaccine mandate is the best policy to stop the pandemic is ‘medically inaccurate’ because vaccinated people are getting infected and we have treatments that cut coronavirus deaths,” reports Breitbart News.

“I understand Justice Kagan is well-intended,” Makary said. “But what she said was wrong. It was medically inaccurate.”

“She said more and more people are getting sick every day, and regarding the mandate,” Makary added, “she says the key to stopping all of this — there is nothing else that will perform that function better than the vaccine mandate. Well, that’s not true anymore.”

Makary continued, “vaccinated people are getting Omicron just as the unvaccinated are. And we do have drugs that cut COVID deaths to zero. Now, if you want to mandate a parachute out of an airplane, okay. But when you’re jumping 5 feet into a swimming pool, that changes the dynamic. It changes the calculus. It renders mandates obsolete.”

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