BREAKING: Fox News Replacement Is Official – Hannity Fans Stunned

Fox News has a new leader of its cable news lineup. Tucker Carlson has unseated Sean Hannity in the ratings and passed him in average viewers.

Carlson has been steadily climbing in viewership and popularity. For the first time, he beat Hannity for a whole month, averaging 4.6 million viewers to Hannity’s 4.4 million viewers for the month of April.

Carlson and Hannity are part of a lineup that has made Fox News the most-watched news channel. Fox did so well they finished this month with their largest audience ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has made for good news as people in quarantine at home are tuning into the news.

Fox had a huge month and their competitors at CNN and MSNBC also saw a boost in viewership. President Trump’s daily press briefings have been a huge draw for viewers.

Tucker Carlson’s rise is important for many conservatives. Carlson is pushing a new brand of honest and intellectual conservatism that will reach all Americans.

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