BREAKING: Fox News REMOVAL Notice – Nation Stunned

The New York Times has called for Fox News and other conservative media sites to be held accountable for “inciting an insurrection.”

Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an article titled, “Can We Put Fox News on Trial With Trump?” He accused conservative media of working with Trump to create an insurrection. Kristof specifically went after Fox News as one of the prime culprits.

Kristof claimed that “Fox helped sell Trump’s lie about a stolen election, propelling true believers like Ashli Babbitt — a fan of Fox personalities like Tucker Carlson — to storm the Capitol.”

Kristof’s disgusting allegations are going to age poorly as the Senate is reportedly on the verge of aquiting Trump. There is no evidence that Trump was responsible for the riot on January 6th.

Fox News simply reported the very real news of Trump’s allegations about voter fraud, and the actions of those at the Capitol cannot be attributed to Fox. If Kristoff does want to establish media responsibility, he may not like how such a change would affect his ability to make such absurd claims.

No doubt the mainstream media will continue to call for conservative media to be punished and censored for not following the narrative. It will be more important than ever for Fox and other conservative media to stand tall.

Read the full story here.

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