BREAKING: Fox News Personality MURDER Bombshell – Fans In Shock

Singer David Crosby said in a Daily Beast interview that Fox News’s Rupert Murdoch should be “taken out and shot” because of his involvement in the network.

“I know that there are a lot of really stupid people in the world and that many of them are in power and that the rest are being fed a whole sh**load of absolutely untrue sh**. Rupert Murdoch should be taken out and shot,” he said.

“The people on Fox are doing great harm to the human race,” Crosby said. “What can I say? They’re lying for money. So, it feels hopeless. Because they don’t mind lying. Lying for money is normal to them. It’s OK.”

Crosby also called former President Donald Trump “an evil bastard.” He did credit Trump for exposing the country’s racism but said it was “a good thing he did unintentionally, while being evil.”

He became the latest celebrity to call for violence against conservatives, and just like all the rest, I’m sure he will face no consequences for doing so.

Read the full story here.

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20 Responses

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  4. David Crosby is a nobody that does not deserve to have a voice anywhere! He’s a liberal puke that I wouldn’t walk across the street and piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire!

  5. Democrats has always created fear and fed it and lived off of it and this is what you voted for even though they did. Counterfeit votes

  6. Hay David crosby, go back home and stay in your safe room. You might want to take your teddy bear and blanket. And don’t forget your bottle of warm milk. POS!

  7. Send the mfing old bastard to my house and I will destroy what’s left of his drug infested brain

  8. David Crosby??? Hahaha. His brain is burnt out & waterlogged. Like #PinocchioJoe, how does he legitimately know anything in 2021???? Give me a break! Old Davy… you’re verrrrry old news. No one cares about your opinion in 2021. In fact, most today don’t even know you. lol

  9. I don’t know who this David idiot is, and I don’t care to know. But he sure is walking on the blind side of life. But progressives and demoncrats are to ignorant to know right from wrong anyway.

  10. I guess Mr Cosby wants every executive and his team of lying Anchors from ABC, CBS, CNN. NBC & MSNBC taken out and drawn and quartered for what they have done to our country. Give Murdock our Counties medal of Freedom.

  11. David Crosby has always been a loose cannon in all the years he has been around . His bandages?in the Byrds kicked him out for being a rotten person and pain in the butt He later was part of those forming CSN&Y . It would seem he was somewhat of a pain there as well .
    Of course that all said , his love and?addiction to Coke did not help him in anyway . Read his book , “Long Time Gone” and you will get the real picture . I had met him once when he was in the Byrds . At the time I got the impression that he was simply very mischevious . Seems I was very wrong .

    1. He should have died a long time ago but because of his fame and money, he was able to get a transplant of a liver. Who died because of his placement on top of the list? He is a great musician but he should keep his mouth shut now due to his senility. Isn’t he in his eighties?

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