BREAKING: Fox News Personality FIRED – Fans Stunned

A popular Fox News personality was just fired and millions of fans across the nation are stunned. They never expected this to happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News has let go “Chris Stirewalt, the politics editor,” who is a “10-year veteran of the company.” Speculation is swirling as to why.

There is the official explanation, which is that the move to fire Stirewalt and approximately 20 others was part of ongoing “restructuring plans” at Fox News. But there could be something else to it.

Stirewalt, in particular, was “a key member of the Fox News decision desk, which drew the ire of President Trump after becoming the first network to call Arizona for Biden.”

While Arizona was officially called for Joe Biden several days later, Stirewalt called Arizona for Biden on Election Night — which was far too early and some claim was politically motivated.

All speculation aside, it is possible that while the election coverage controversy could be a contributing factor, Fox News simply does not see the need to keep the same staffing level now that the election is over.

Read the full story here.

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