BREAKING: Fox News NAILS Her – Watch It…

Somebody in the White House has been lying, and we think it’s Karine Jean-Pierre.

Now, it could be Biden putting her up to these lies.

Or Kamala Harris.

The bottom line is, the White House isn’t telling the truth, and Peter Doocy decided it was time to confront them about it.

At a press conference with Jean-Pierre, Doocy “questioned why the president defended the issue of inflation by saying the United States allegedly has done better than the rest of the world. Jean-Pierre blamed it on the pandemic,” according to Breitbart.

“It is caused by the pandemic, this once-in-a-generation pandemic that we are coming out of,” Karine said. “And also, most recently, the war that Putin started in Ukraine has caused inflation as we look at food and as we look at gas prices.”

Doocy then challenged her on what was really causing inflation here in America, causing Karine to shift her entire argument to “inflation is ‘a global thing.'”

Get your story straight, Karine. If you want to give Biden credit for the economy, he needs to take his lumps as well when it’s his fault. Inflation is being felt in other places, yes. But not nearly as bad as Americans are feeling it since Biden took office.

As soon as they stop lying and admit that their the problem, then maybe we can actually get to work on fixing things.

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