BREAKING: Fox News Host Unveils Trump Bombshell – Viewers Shocked…

Fox News’ Jonathan Turley said on Fox’s coverage of the January 6 House Select Committee that the hearing had “powerful testimony” from respected Republicans.

It began when anchor John Roberts posed a question:

If we saw a more balanced composition to this committee if Speaker McCarthy had been able to get some of the people from his side of the aisle seated that he wanted seated, that Nancy Pelosi rejected, how would the tone and tenor of these hearings be different than what we are seeing?

“Well,” Turley began. “I think that they were absolutely right about how having the opposing side, not on the riot itself or these elections, but just having questioning from the other side of the aisle would have added greater credibility, and I don’t think it would have undermined this powerful testimony.”

“These are respected Republicans like the speaker of the Arizona House,” Turley concluded. “And some of this was extraordinarily compelling, you know. As we watched the protests outside of the homes of justices, it is important to remember that this has come from both the left and the right, where people forget there are human beings in the houses. I thought the most compelling testimony was when the speaker was talking about what it was like to be in that house with these people outside. That was really authentic, and it was really compelling. I think people need to really wonder about what they’re doing when they treat these figures like they are not human beings.”

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