BREAKING: Fox News Host Shuts It Down – Viewers In SHOCK

Fox News host Tucker Carlson turned his ire on National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan during Tuesday’s show.

Sullivan threatened to withhold aid from the Taliban if they hurt Americans or allies, leaving Carlson incredulous that the U.S. would consider giving aid to those terrorists in the first place.

“When it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban’s actions,” Sullivan said in a video clip Carlson played on the show.

So if the Taliban follows through on its “commitments” to the U.S., including “safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies” and not being a base for terrorism, then we will apparently give them money.

Never mind that they already have a $90 billion arsenal that we left behind and are using our data to round up and kill Afghans who helped us. What could Sullivan or any of them be thinking?

Read the full story here.

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8 Responses

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  2. These people are idiots and they don’t think! Make sure to equip the savage teliban better than the United States and then give them whatever else they want – and for what? Their word? How stupid can people be? Well, we know the answer to that already.

  3. I believe that Mr. Sullivan is an intelligent man, an academic but with no personal military experience. So, why is he in this position?

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