BREAKING: Fox News Host Shocks With Shut Down Notice [Developing]

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley hammered the Biden administration for censoring conservative and controversial podcast host Joe Rogan.

“What they are doing is shutting down free speech,” Turley Said.

“Turley argued that the left trying to cancel Rogan’s Spotify podcast is another attempt to shut down free speech. The George Washington University law professor added that ‘the extent of their success would make McCarthy blush,'” reports Breitbart News.

“I want to emphasize that a lot of people on the left that have said that if it’s not prohibited on the First Amendment — it’s not a free speech issue. That’s not true,” Turley said.

“I mean, the First Amendment is not the exclusive domain of free speech. What they are doing is shutting down free speech. The left has come on to a winning strategy. They were the targets of censorship during the McCarthy period, but they have discovered that if they use corporations to control speech, it falls outside the First Amendment. But it’s not true that what they are doing is not a free speech attack. It is.”

“They are trying to stop people from speaking on these platforms, and they are being much more successful than McCarthy ever did,” Turley added. “The extent of their success would make McCarthy blush today.”

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