BREAKING: Fox News Host Shocks Fans – She’s Doing It

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro stunned viewers last week when she exposed United States Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Every day in this country, the government under Joe Biden or whoever is running the joint, infringes more and more upon our freedoms, pushing Americans closer and closer to the edge,” said Pirro. “The latest, the Attorney General of the United States instructing the Department of Justice and the FBI to address threats against school boards and teachers over COVID-19 restrictions, masks, and critical race theory saying those threats should be discouraged and prosecuted.”

However, Pirro pointed out that many of the teachers have threatened parents as well and yet Garland has done nothing about it:

Is it reasonable for a school teacher to feel intimidated if a parent goes to a school board meeting and says the teacher should not be teaching CRT? Is that enough for the FBI to make a visit to your home?

How is it that the school board members are automatically the victims and all of this? School board members are shutting down microphones where parents seek a redress of their grievances. School boards are ordering police to take out parents, shutting down debate when it is the parents who are paying their salaries when it’s the parents who have a vested interest in their own children.

And if a parent complains about school board members not reopening the schools, the board members say they’ll eff them up.

I’m not hearing this Attorney General saying any threats will not be tolerated or we’ll send the FBI to school board homes or teacher’s homes. No. Because he is nothing more than a political hack following on the Biden Marxist agenda, which is reportedly a moneymaker for his daughter and son-in-law whose own company is funded by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, which company allegedly employs critical race theory in its work.

Pirro continued to show how Garland and the FBI are not trying to protect innocents but rather advance a darker, nefarious agenda.

To read the rest of her report, click here.

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