BREAKING: Fox News Host Shocks Biden – Exposes Sick Secret

A popular Fox News host just shocked President Joe Biden by exposing a sick secret. Biden will never fess up to it, but the truth cannot be denied.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue called out Biden’s alliance with corporate America to push the woke, ambiguous politics of “equity” — a move meant to intentionally divide America.

Shortly after taking office, Biden signed an executive order that “uses the term ‘equity’ a total of 21 times and yet, revealingly never defines the word.” This set the political stage for corporate America.

Let’s take United Airlines, for example. As Tucker explained, the company “is mandating affirmative action quotas in its flight schools” now, but there’s an important question that needs to be asked.

“So how will racial and gender quotas make United Airlines safer?” asked Tucker. Well, it won’t do any such thing — a person of any race or gender can be a great pilot, but it is about qualifications.

Whether it is Biden and the Democrats, United Airlines, Coca-Cola, or Major League Baseball, they are all working together to divide Americans into tribal camps for purely political reasons.

Read the full story here.

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7 Responses

  1. Well United Airlines welcome to my growing list of companies I will no longer consider when making travel plans. Why don’t you work on running a more efficient, safe airline and stay out of politics.

  2. I have never used air travel. But getting into those communist tactics will cause bankruptcy. And it should if you’re this damned ignorant.

  3. I am leary of this website and their multiple ads for weight loss. Have you checked these products out. Some of them are totally insane. When I go to check them out they go on and on, and only a rich person could afford their so-called weight loss products.

  4. And I seriously doubt that Commy Joe Biden is shocked he is a criminal and helped steal my legal vote and the votes of 74 million more Americans. But most people have already forgotten what happened last November 3rd. and the wee hours of the 4th. Forgetfulness is destroying our country. And why don’t the people realize that the communist are in the white house and the congress and senate???? WAKE UP PEOPLE. THE SHIP IS SINKING!

  5. And one other thing. Stop putting the pole up asking who still supports Trump! Which when you go there, says pole has been closed. Good grief, what’s the matter with you people.

  6. Do these corporations not understand the word “majority”. The majority of the citizens of the United States stand behind the Constitution and the minority are not your patron base. Why do you want to anger those that help you live the high life.

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