BREAKING: Fox News Host Says He’s DONE – Fans Stunned

A popular Fox News host just said he is done. Millions of fans across the country are stunned, but they are with him all the way. This is incredible.

Author and radio host Mark Levin reacted to the horrific Capitol riot by starting off with a warning: “Anything I say this evening will be used to attack me by the press, the Democratic Party and the Never Trumpers. But I don’t care.”

Indeed, at great personal risk, Levin spoke the truth on national television about the claims that President Donald Trump incited the riot. “I went back and I listened again to the President’s speech, not once — not once, did he incite violence,” said Levin.

He even noted that Trump explicitly encouraged “peacefully protesting,” and nowhere did he tell anyone to storm the Capitol and forcibly enter it. Ultimately, the media is “exploiting” this tragedy for political purposes.

The media — along with their allies in the Democratic Party — want to “silence conservatives, silence Republicans, and unfortunately, a lot of Republicans are buckling.” This is truly a defining moment for our nation.

We will either denounce all violence — from the Capitol riot last week to the riots back in the summer — or we will allow the media to control the narrative and play Americans against one another. It is a time for choosing.

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