BREAKING: Fox News Host Reverses – Backing Out Shocks America

Tucker Carlson said on Thursday’s show that the Biden administration is turning authoritarian in trying to get every American to take the coronavirus vaccine, and that it can no longer claim to be “pro-choice” because of these actions.

Carlson pointed out that HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said that it is the government’s business whether people get vaccinated because it spent trillions of dollars on the vaccines and other services for the American people during the pandemic. Those who refuse could end up on a watch list, Carlson alleged.

“We want to give people a sense that they have a freedom to choose, but we hope they choose to live,” Becerra said.

Carlson paraphrased his comments, “We want to give people the freedom to choose, but unfortunately, we can’t. So, no more freedom for you. The Biden administration is no longer pro-choice.”

Claiming that people have a choice while trying to force people to get vaccinated is behavior unworthy of American leaders, and it’s not really necessary as the pandemic is quickly waning, either.

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