BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Trump Bombshell – What Nation Needs To Know…

Mark Levin said on his show “Life, Liberty and Levin” on Sunday that former President Donald Trump was a “foreign policy genius and that his policies served as “deterrence” to Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders.

“The reason Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when Donald Trump was President is because he respected and feared Donald Trump. That’s why deterrence,” Levin said.

“For all the attacks on Donald Trump, the man was a foreign policy genius, was he not? Sorry, John Bolton, you really blew it,” he added.

Levin made it clear that Putin believes he is stronger than other nations because he is “willing to use his knife,” which in this case could include nuclear weapons.

“Folks, it’s not enough to be upset about what’s going on. There need to be real policies in place” for deterrence and strength, Levin concluded.

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