BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Surprise That Has America Cheering

Dana Perino of Fox News dropped some good, hard, American truth that has us cheering.

During Fox News Digital’s recent interview with Dana Perino — co-host of ‘America’s Newsroom’ and ‘The Five’ — the best-selling author and a former White House press secretary (for President George W. Bush) shares memorable doses of wisdom for all, including this point:

“Having to make decisions isn’t a burden. Getting to make decisions is a blessing.”

“Clear, articulate and grounded — and a mentor for many young people over the years — Perino has just released a new paperback version of her popular book, ‘Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman),'” according to Fox News.

Fox News Digital: In your new book, Dana, you address the importance of saying “no” in our lives — and of respecting those who say “no” when they can’t or won’t make something work (for good reason). This is a valuable skill in life and in the workplace, yet it’s not always easy to execute, especially for young people just starting out. Can you share more insights on this point?

Dana Perino: Why, oh why, is it so hard to say “no”? While it does get easier with age and experience — many people, including me, wrestle with this difficulty.

Then Perino dropped the good news that has everyone so thrilled with her.

“Every day, we have to make thousands of decisions. Scratch that. We get to make thousands of decisions a day. Being a responsible adult means making decisions — on everything,” Perino said.

“Having to make decisions isn’t a burden. Getting to make decisions is a blessing. Try to reframe your thinking into what a gift it is to live in a free country where you have so many choices to make,” Perino added.

Cue the rounds of applause for good people who remind us to be grateful for the freedom we have.

To read this full story and get more information on Perino’s new book, click here.

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