BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Secret – Democrats Furious

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson just revealed a damning secret. Democrats are absolutely furious — they can’t believe he exposed them all.

“All of this is being done expressly for the oligarchs,” said Carlson. “None of it is being done for you. Of course, if you live in Washington, D.C., you already know that very well. Federal troops are not protecting your home tonight.”

Carlson is referring, of course, to the continued mass presence of U.S. soldiers in our nation’s capital. These brave men and women are doing the job they’ve been asked to perform, but Democrats are shamelessly using them.

At the very least, troops should’ve been drawn down following the presidential inauguration. Some governors, such as Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX), called home the Texas National Guard. Other governors did not.

Now, with the fencing off of the U.S. Capitol Building — which is expected to be “permanent” for the time being — and the sustained presence of U.S. troops, it has become obvious what is going on.

“None of this is about the people who are actually suffering in our country, the millions of them,” said Carlson. “No, we’re watching one of those rare revolutions, rare in world history that’s being waged, not on behalf of the general population, but waged against it.”

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