BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Russia Shocker – Fans Stunned

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Americans that President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are pushing us towards an armed confrontation with Russia.

On Friday, Carlson responded to the news that a story from the New York Times about Russia putting bounties on American troops turned out to be false. Amidst that revelation, President Biden is escalating his rhetoric against Russia.

Carlson said, “The New York Times story was a lie. It was placed in the paper by neocons in order to subvert our democratic system, and it did, and once again impose their will on the country. The public didn’t want to stay in Afghanistan for 20 years, they did, and got their way because they lied.”

Carlson continued saying, “Donald Trump didn’t take the hoax seriously enough and that is a sign of bad character. We don’t know if the Russians did anything wrong, but we must confront Russia over what we don’t know they did anyway. So attack Russia every day. If you don’t know why we are doing it, they will know. The Biden administration just yesterday declared a national emergency for no obvious reason. Joe Biden announced that Russia had somehow taken maligned actions against U.S. interests.”

Carlson then played a clip of President Biden announcing his actions that he is taking against Russia. Biden’s actions send a message that the U.S. is hostile to Russia and that will not change until Russia does.

Carlson finished by saying, “Those are actions against a sovereign nation, a foreign power, expelling their diplomats, destroying their economy and threatening to back their enemies in a war? A real war, too, not a war of words, a war where people get killed.” This is what President Biden is rewarding the American people with. Biden is threatening to drag us into an open conflict and the Democrat Party is cheering him on.

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