BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Biden Dark Secret – Voters STUNNED

Tucker Carlson called out President Joe Biden for his “ineptness” with the Ukraine invasion by Russia and other serious issues that have confronted his presidency on his show Friday, wondering whether Biden even “likes” the country he runs.

“The invasion of Ukraine is a humiliating defeat for Joe Biden,” Carlson said. “He is our leader. He staked this country’s reputation, billions of dollars, and the full force of the U.S. government on preventing Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine.”

“Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine anyway, and America is diminished by that,” he added.

He likened Biden’s failure to stop Russia with the disastrous Afghanistan pullout, saying that the two failures together showed weakness and could destroy centuries of American credibility based on wise decisions.

“Joe Biden is quickly draining the reservoir of America’s credibility and power that it has accumulated over centuries of wise-decision making,” Carlson concluded. “Like the U.S. Treasury, this is not Joe Biden’s capital to spend. He is squandering something that others made. How much is left at this point? I hate to even to think about it. Someday we’re going to find out.”

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