BREAKING: Fox News Host Releases FIRING Announcement – Fans Stunned…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is coming in hot with a truth bomb: “Jeff Zucker did not get canned for his Sex Life – new management wanted him OUT of CNN.”

“Carlson dismissed the claim CNN head Jeff Zucker lost his position at the long-time cable news network for an improper romantic relationship he allegedly did not disclose,” reports Breitbart News.

“According to Carlson, Zucker’s supposed indiscretion was well known, which made it difficult for Carlson to accept. The FNC host speculated it had more to do with other reasons, including bad ratings,” reports Breitbart News.

“So what happens next at CNN?” Carlson asked.

“Well, for starters,” Carlson said, “let’s hope to get rid of the eunuch and his weird pop-eyed accomplice. The two have made a career of trying to kill free speech in this country. No news organization should ever employ people like that. It’s disgraceful.”

“As for who replaces Jeff Zucker, we hope it’s someone better. CNN is poison, we want that channel to improve,” Carlson said.

“With Zucker gone, it’s at least theoretically possible it could happen. We didn’t like Jeff Zucker, we said that very clearly, for a long time. We attacked his programming decisions, we slammed his political agenda, we called him names, and we meant every word of it,” Carlson hammered.

“Jeff Zucker tried to do something new. We hated what he did. We did not share his vision. We found it repugnant and destructive,” Carlson said as he concluded his monologue.

To read the full transcript – click here.

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