BREAKING: Fox News Host Pulls Trigger On Jan 6 Scandal – Viewers Stunned…

Fox News’ distinguished constitutional scholar, Jonathan Turley, could not contain his anger as he discussed the House Select Committee’s primetime hearings over the January 6 riot at the American Capitol.

Turley joins the millions of other Americans that knows this hearing is a complete farce.

He just has a platform to tell millions of people at once.

“This is a signature move by Speaker Pelosi,” Turley explained. “I was highly critical during the impeachment hearings. When in the hearing I testified on with Trump, the House leadership decided to forgo any investigation in the Judiciary Committee, the calling of essential witnesses. And then, in the second impeachment, she did one better — did a snap impeachment with no hearings at all. And this is a fairly common process by the speaker. She muscles through to make sure that she gets the conclusion she wants.”

He concluded by saying that since liberals can’t come up with any actual crimes to charge Trump with, they’re simply putting his personality on trial.

“I’m not too sure she is going to get the conclusion she wants,” Turley concluded. “I mean, she may be singing to the choir on this one. When people view this and say … there’s really not another side. It’s not another side as to maybe the riot was good. The other side is more what was the cause? What should be the focus? Should we be spending as much time looking at security? And the other thing that comes out of this hearing is that there is a lot of really brave and courageous figures here — Bill Barr being one of them. The system actually worked to some extent, but it depends who you’re trying to convict, and I think that so far, they’re trying to convict Donald Trump of being a terrible person.”

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