BREAKING: Fox News Host Pulls Trigger On “Fascist Moron” – Viewers Shocked…

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera as a “fascist moron” after fining Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio $100k for referring to the January 6th protest as a “dust-up.”

Carlson began his segment by saying, “Jack Del Rio is a football coach, he’s the defensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders, formerly known as the Redskins ’til for some reason that was unacceptable. So a few days ago Del Rio pointed out that nobody seems to talk about the BLM riots anymore. Instead they’re pretending to care about January 6. Well, he was attacked for this, ’cause you’re not allowed to like tell the truth on any level whatsoever. So he came back and said he stands by his comments. Here’s what he said.”

The tweet that cost Del Rio $100,000 was, “Businesses are being burned down, no problem… and then we have a dust-up at the Capitol, nothing burned down… and we’re gonna make that a major deal.”

Del Rio was rightly pointing out that the riot at the Capitol was significantly less damaging and dangerous than the riots during the summer of 2020.

Carlson continued saying, “Just hours ago, the coach of the Washington Commanders, a fascist moron called Ron Rivera, announced that Jack Del Rio has no right to talk, and he’s being fined $100,000 for doing it. Rivera began by claiming that, quote, ‘Lives were lost on January 6,’ which is a lie.”

Rivera and the Washington Commanders have shown once again that there is no room for talk that counters the talking points of the regime. Those who step out of line and question the popular narrative will pay the price.

Read the full story here.

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