BREAKING: Fox News Host Makes It Official – He’s Really Going To Do It

A popular Fox News host just made it official — he’s really going to do it. Millions of fans across the nation are cheering over his announcement.

“It’s not racist to wonder, it’s real,” said Tucker Carlson. “They tell us there are 11 million foreign nationals living in the United States when we know for a fact that the real number is closer to three times that, yet they keep lying.”

With a few words, Carlson made it clear: he is not going to let the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media get away with calling Americans “racist” for wanting to know how many illegal immigrants are in this country.

As Carlson noted, “So it’s not just willing workers, it is not just fruit pickers who are taking advantage of the total chaos that Joe Biden has unleashed along our border.” This brings up a good point.

People are concerned about national security, jobs, human trafficking, drugs, and gangs. This is why it is so important to have border security and legal immigration. It has nothing to do with racism.

However, President Joe Biden — a mindless puppet of the far-left — seems completely unconcerned with the crisis he created. Now, he’ll swoop with a “solution” to the problem: amnesty. It is a terrifying prospect.

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7 Responses

  1. The demonrats are one part of the government, it is time for the rest of the
    government to start moving to protect this country and the American people!
    Let’s impeach Harris , and the Biden and
    Put Trump back in office as the voters
    Choice before the voting was changed by
    The demonrats! The not so Supreme Court could have proven this fact but they failed to act and failed the American
    People and this country!

  2. Joe Biden lacks a BACKBONE! He is a puppet for the far left. They tell him to jump and he asks how high. He has no integrity, he constantly lies, he’d sell his mother down the river for a little power, yet he is a weak individual. He is bully and has nothing to show for what he has done in the YEARS in government. Democrats just look at how many things he has destroyed in just several months. He promises and promises, but never delivers. HE’S A SLUG AS A PRESIDENT!

  3. I’m not really surprised that there are few Democrats (or for that matter) any person who voted for Biden/ Harris !!! How can anyone support or defend what they have to America in only 90 days ?? They are doing their best to ruin America ?

  4. The insanity at the border must be stopped. Lets take a page from the Democrats. ‘FIND A WAY”. The American public is behind any effort by the conservatives in DC to do so. FIND A WAY TO STOP THE INSANITY.

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