BREAKING: Fox News Host Is Out – Says It’s Time

A popular Fox News host is out — he just said it is time. Millions of fans across the nation are stunned and wondering what will happen next.

During a broadcast of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ this week, the show’s host outed the real agenda behind the COVID-19 “lockdown regime” and he is encouraging everyone to take notice. It is time to make your voices heard.

Carlson said that “the entire Anglosphere is moving toward authoritarianism that nobody seems to be noticing” and he provided shocking evidence — stories from real people suffering under lockdowns.

Democrat politicians and their allies in the mainstream media want to ignore the truth, but it is couldn’t be more clear: Freedom is in danger. The examples are in California, New York, and other liberal states.

The Canadian government has instituted extreme measures as well. At a New Year’s Eve party, authorities “fined everyone at the gathering $1,500.00 a piece and then they arrested the owner of the home.”

Apparently, even some liberals are starting to sound the alarm. Naomi Wolf, who “worked for Bill Clinton” and “advised Al Gore,” said they she wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden if she knew he “was open to lockdowns.”

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