BREAKING: Fox News Host Is OUT – Nation Shocked

Fox News host Chris Wallace has made the bizarre decision to shill for President Joe Biden and, as a consequence, could find himself out of the good graces of his audience.

During Friday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom,” anchor Bill Hemmer asked Wallace, “How would you size up the first month of the Biden presidency, the good and the bad?”

Wallace replied saying, “He has been very focused and disciplined in terms of his activities, in terms of his messages, and he really has kept to the idea that COVID, the public health aspect and economic aspect is job one.”

This assertion is bizarre as the first month of Biden’s presidency has been anything but focused. Thanks to the Senate impeachment trial, Biden’s legislative agenda has been seriously delayed.

Wallace continued saying, “He [Biden] is not getting pushed around by the left. There has been a push by AOC and Bernie Sanders for $50,000 debt forgiveness for school. He said flat out I’m not doing it. On the minimum wage, he is clear he probably won’t push for that. I wonder if the people at the White House don’t think getting pushed from the left puts him more in the center, which is not a bad place to be in American politics.”

It’s laughable to claim that Biden is pushing back against the radical left. Biden has bowed to demands to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, and he killed thousands of jobs by stopping the Keystone pipeline. Biden’s demeanor may be moderate, but his politics fit right in with the radical left.

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