BREAKING: Fox News Host Is OUT – Nation Shocked

Fox News host Mark Levin just send shockwaves through the Republican Party.

According to Breitbart News, Levin said “We, the people are going to have to take action ourselves. We cannot rely on the Liz Cheney’s, the Romney’s or the others of the world. They’re like out of the 1950s Republican Party, they don’t understand what’s swirling around our country today.”

Levin excoriated the RINOs Cheney and Romney, then dropped the hammer on Joe Biden:

Joe Biden and his party are playing for keeps. They’re trying to destroy our voting system. Have you noticed, Pete, that they never show us all these voters who have been denied the right to vote, or all these lawsuits brought under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, where you have a cause of action, if somebody has prevented you from voting because of your race or sex, or what have you?

Have you noticed all the cameras from CNN and NBC and ABC, in these communities showing us all the people who have been denied the right to vote? This is a big lie, and the Democrats work on big lies all the time. The fact of the matter is, we want as many people to vote as possible. If you’re allowed to vote. The rule isn’t everybody votes, anybody votes, whenever they want to vote wherever they vote. That’s not the rule. that’s never been a rule. That’s chaos. That’s anarchy. That’s California.

We don’t want to Californianize the rest of the country.

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  4. I think they understand just fine, don’t give them credit where none is due. They are just RINO’s to get elected then they turn communist. Besides they all might be given a bonus for being turncoats, but don’t give them an excuse. A traitor is a traitor – period.

    Thomas Jefferson “Evil triumps when good men do nothing” I would say it’s pretty hard to find a good man or woman in DC. Many lose whatever thinking brain they had when all the goodies are set before them.

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